These conditions set out the terms of contract between you the (Learner) and LearnEng Academy.

How to enroll?

You can enroll onto a course by completing a fast and simple form online. This form will appear on the (checkout page) just before you are going to make your payment. When we have received your payment along with the initial personal information, we will send you a confirmation and invoice or contact you via e-mail in an case of obtaining further information should any questions arise regarding your booking.

Full fees are due 28 days prior to the start of your programme.
It is responsibility of the person named on the application to ensure that he/she has a valid passport and obtains appropriate documentation for entry into the host country or to be residing in the UK on correct documents. LearnEng Academy does not and will not accept any liability for any financial loss incurred by the learner or legal guardian due to incorrect travel documentation. LearnEng Academy reserves the rights to cancel a booking if no payment has been received 3 weeks prior to start of the course applied for.

How to pay?

Fees may be paid in the following ways:

  • You may pay by (DBT) Direct Bank Transfer to our bank account. Please be aware that bank charges might apply and are your responsibility (you fill find bank account details when you receive your invoice).
  • Credit card (Visa/MasterCard only). Please be aware that we have to charge a fee of 2.4% of the total amount.

If you wish to withdraw from you chosen course, you will have to do this in writing to LearnEng Academy. a percentage of full amount of the fee(s) will be retained according to when notice is received.

  • 60 days or more – 20% deposit retained
  • 59-15 days before joining the class – 40% of the total fees retained
  • 14-8 days before joining the class – 60% of the total fees retained
  • 7-1 days – 80% of the total fees retained
  • On the day of joining the class or no show – total fee(s) retained
Shortening a Programme

If you wish to shorten the length of your programme once you have started, fees cannot be refunded or additional fee(s) may apply.

Not joining, late in joining and/or absences for class

If you fail to join your class, join you class late, or are absent during your programme, a refund will not be granted. Classes that you have missed by being absent for any length of duration may not be made up with a free extension at the end of the course.

Students with learning difficulties, serious health problems or disabilities

Learners with learning difficulties, serious health problems or disabilities must inform the Academy of these issues when making a booking, so that the Academy will explore whether any necessary adjustments can be made in order to accommodate any special needs. The Academy may only accept applications where it is practical and where we are able to provide a suitable programme.

Promotional videos, photographs and publicity

You and your parents/guardian agree that LearnEng Academy may take photographs or videos of you during your time with us and also mention your achievements and that these may be used for promotional purposes by LearnEng Academy without consent or notification. However, if you do not wish to appear in any promotional materials please notify us at the time of booking.


If you would like to make a complaint, it must be made in writing and submitted to LearnEng Academy whilst you are still attending the course. Complaints from learners who have completed the course will not be given consideration as we will not be in a position to rectify or clarify any issues.

Rules & Regulations

LearnEng Academy reserves the rights to exclude a learner(s) from their course(s) due to poor behavior, discipline, or attendance. In such cases of exclusion, fee(s) will not be refunded.

Student Language Levels

Some courses are not suitable for beginners or there may be minimum requirements. It is the Student’s responsibility to check that their language level is suitable. If on arrival we find that the Student’s level is unsuitable for the course, we will cancel the course or make arrangements for an alternative programme. In any event there will be no refund of fees.

Changes to programmes

If LearnEng Academy finds that there is insufficient demand for any of our courses, LearnEng Academy reserves the right to offer an alternative course or as a final resort to cancel and refund the fee(s). There maybe at times that LearnEng Academy is forced to make changes to its services and reserves the right to do so. If LearnEng Academy requires a significant change to be made, the person named on the application form (e.g learner) will be informed as early as possible about the necessary changes prior to joining the course. Please be aware that LearnEng Academy will not be held responsible for any costs incurred. LearnEng Academy reserves the right to cancel courses or merge classes due to insufficient student numbers or to run classes in the mornings or afternoons as necessary.

Public Holidays

LearnEng Academy is generally closed on bank holidays and during the Christmas break, according to the Academy Calendar. The fees for weeks that include holidays are charged at the full weekly rate. Lessons will not be refunded or delivered on a different date.

Data Protection
  1. LearnEng Academy must see and make a copy of every student’s passport/ID card/visa as appropriate as well as details of the learners next of kin.
  2. Learners’ details are kept on computer based administrative systems and in accordance with UK data protection laws.
  3. Information on learners may be passed to government agencies for the purposes of detecting fraud.
  4. Please contact us for further information.
Further information

Approximately 7 days before the start of your course, you will receive more detailed information providing the online access information and tutor details as well as what to do on the first day. You will also receive information about the days and times your classes will be delivered.

Force Majeure

LearnEng Academy are not liable for loss of tuition or other services due to factors outside our control.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions and Website

Any kind of changes to the information, services, courses or materials on LearnEng Academy’s website which may also include amendments or modification(s) of the Terms and Conditions could be made at any time without further notice. Any such modification shall be effective immediately, replaces previous versions and becomes valid for all courses and learners from the date of its implementation.